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Experts in personalized diets in Foggia

Proper nutrition is the basis of our well-being, not just physical but also mental. Disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and obesity are increasingly common in our society, and require the intervention of competent and qualified professionals. Dr. Vittorio and Marina Tarallo are recognized experts in the field and are passionate about bringing their empathetic skills and qualities to bear for the benefit of their patients.
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A proper diet

"Healthy mind, healthy body," as the Romans used to say. Mental well-being always goes hand in hand with physical well-being. That is why our body needs varied and balanced nutrition on a daily basis. 
Many people mistakenly think that "DIY" diets can be a good solution, without realizing how delicate and complex it is to create a proper diet. Our Tarallo medical practice develops customized diet plans that brings each patient back to their ideal weight. 
The result is gradual and long-lasting, both physically and psychologically.

Diets for Everyone

In addition to eating disorders, the Tarallo medical practice also specializes in matters such as celiac disease, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, thyroid problems, and more. An increasing number of patients suffer from these disorders. They need targeted treatment that can help them have a balanced diet and live a better life. 
The professionals at our practice have performed careful studies and research in this field. They assist their patients with professionalism and discretion.
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