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Diet specialists in Foggia

The medical practice of doctors Vittorio and Marina Tarallo deals with all the main eating disorders. Our professionals are experienced dieticians and have been practicing their profession for years with passion, care and discretion. Their mission is always to successfully treat various eating disorders by developing customized meals, as they guide each patient towards a healthy and balanced diet. 
Thanks to their expert assistance, now everyone can achieve a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food.
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Nutrition education

Doctors Vittorio and Marina Taranno specialize in dietology and food science. This is a particularly complex branch of medicine that requires specific skills. Thanks to the specialized studies and the experience accumulated over the years in the field, the Taranno doctors are able to cure their patients in the best possible way. They do not just cure physical disorders but also aim to improve each person's eating habits through targeted nutritional surveillance strategies. All treatments take effect gradually so as to lead to long lasting results and a healthy relationship with food.

Professionalism of the study

Dr. Vittorio and Marina Taranno's practice offers a complete service to all their patients who have eating disorders and want to enjoy a balanced relationship with their body and with food. From overweight to underweight problems, every disease is treated with professionalism, discretion, and empathy. 
Our professionals are always on top of the latest industry news, and are able to advise and guide their patients in the best possible manner.
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