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Doctors specializing in eating disorders in Foggia

The private practice of Dr. Vittorio and Marina Tarallo is located in Foggia and is a top-of-mind destination in the world of food science. Both professionals have extensive training and experience in the field, and offer their skills to all patients in search of a healthy and balanced relationship with food. Their mission is to identify and treat various eating disorders. They help patients manage their eating habits and eliminate any a number of food abnormalities. 
All patients are guided and assisted with the utmost of professionalism, discretion and empathy. We develop customized food plans according to the needs of the individual.
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Precise diagnosis

Vittorio and Marina Tarallo are two experienced professionals in the treatment of eating disorders. They have many years of experience in the field, and are able to provide an accurate diagnosis for any type of disorder. In fact, every patient starts his journey with a careful diagnosis and evaluation. Only once the disease is diagnosed, it is possible to proceed with the most appropriate treatment and diet. The two specialists in the Tarallo studio offer their professional and empathetic support. After having identified the particular pathology, they then develop temporary food plans for each patient.

Customized diets

Professionals Vittorio and Marina Tarallo have always believed that every patient needs a customized food plan based on their habits and physical conditions. The practice can help you, no matter what diet or food plan you require, from weight loss to controlled weight gain. Food plans aimed at simply maintaining physical fitness are also developed. Our professionals deal with nutritional matters including celiac disease, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, thyroid problems, and more.
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Professionals Vittorio and Marina Tarallo are true professionals when it comes to treating various pathologies and eating disorders. Not only is each case treated with the utmost professionalism, but also with sensibility, discretion, delicacy and empathy, all fundamental qualities in practicing the medical profession. Contact the study for an initial appointment and start your journey to a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle.

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